10 Significant Afro-American Cultural Festivals That Takes Place in USA

African-American cultural aspect is integral to the entire USA’s cultural scene. Rooting in shared experiences and traditional customs, this culture brings forward a unique and diverse perspective to the national heritage. Being accounting for over 13% of US population, Afro-Americans have their influence and impact over the collective drive of the country in almost all types of different fields.

Reflecting on their culture, history and traditions, they celebrate their roots, historical events and modern society through a wide range of festivals and cultural art forms. Here, we list down some key Afro-American events and festivals that happen across USA throughout the year:

  1. National Black Arts Festival

One of the most important festivals centered on Afro-American culture, this event focuses on diverse Black culture arts and performances, including dance, music, film, theater, educational workshop, all bringing exceptional display from African descents. Running for over 30 years, this event takes place during the month of July.

  1. Odunde Festival

Book food festival tickets online, and enjoy some delicious servings from various food vendors from USA, as well as African and Caribbean countries. As one of the largest Afro-American street festival in the country, this event, taking place in Philadelphia, PA, has live music, performances and much more, showcasing African diaspora in the finest way.

  1. American Black Film festival

A festival that celebrates and promotes independent black makers in the move making industry. Focused on providing a stage to encourage new talent, credit note-worthy names in the industry, the annual event takes place usually in June annually in Miami, Florida, with competitions and educational workshops forming the basic themes at the event.

  1. ESSENCE Festival

Taking place in New Orleans, LA, each year, this annual festival is a complete personification of African culture at full display. There is music, dance, food, presence of prominent influencers from the community, and so much more in entertainment, empowerment and culture reflecting the diverse aspects of the Black community. Some of the notable names that have graced this 3-day event include Barack Obama, Beyoncé, Magic Johnson, and many more.

  1. AfroSolo Arts festival

As the name suggests, this event, held annually in San Francisco, brings solo performances from emerging and notable talents from the community. Depicting the African culture, there are free jazz concert, visual arts activity, literary arts performance and much more that will let you connect closely with the Black culture.


Created and crafted by women from the Black community ‘Curly Girl Collective’, and primarily aimed at women, this event is a natural beauty festival that exhibits natural hair movement, depicting best brands for women of color. Seeing and feeling their beauty is the aim of event, which includes educational workshops about hair products, live demos, activities like dance, music, games, and much more.

  1. AFROPUNK Festival

As the festival community states about this event- "An influential community of young people of all backgrounds speaking through music, art, film, lifestyle sports, fashion, photography, and more. We are the influencers, creatives, and tastemakers who were once seen as outsiders, but who now directly affect pop culture", you can very well figure out that it centers on celebrating the alternative Black culture. And this event is not just limited to USA, but is held across the world in many cities. However, in US, it is held in NY, Brooklyn and Atlanta.

  1. AFRAM Festival

Focusing on gathering Afro-American families from across the country, this event is a take on celebrating Afro-American life with activities that includes cultural happenings, music, arts, history, children’s activities, health & wellness, educational workshops and much more. This is a 2-day festival which is held in Baltimore, MD.

  1. Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

Well, you might have wondered why there wasn’t anything related to hip-hop now as it is so closely associated with Black culture and communities. So, here it is now.

The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival brings the finest in Hip-Hop culture from the community. It is focused on preserving the Hip-Hop legacy, encourage it, promote new talent, bring social and community change through the music and dance form; moreover creating a central platform to gather everyone who loves Hip-Hop culture and wants to show the positivity of this culture to the world.

The activities include entertainment events, dance & music, educational shows, performances, exhibitions, movie-screenings, family-friendly block party and much more. This is one of the New York City’s biggest festivals. While you may be thinking to buy nightlife party events ticket, I recommend bookmarking this event as well, as you will surely going to enjoy a lot.

  1. National Black Book Festival

Black community has churned out not just movie stars, music sensations, political and sports icons, but also some truly incredible literary names. This event is focused on celebrating the past African-American authors and literature contributors, as well as provide a stage to the present industry names and budding talent to share the platform to discuss, network and grow. There are musical performances, exhibitions and much more in this 3-day annual event.

These are annual events and take place through the entire USA, at different locations. So, check about the event and food festival tickets online early to book your place specific to the event and get ready to groove to some exciting Afro-American cultural finesse.


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