8 Simple Tricks to Boost Ticket Sales for an Event

An event is always organized for a purpose and not for oneself. It’s your responsibility to make your event a success and that includes getting as many people as you can through the door by driving event ticket sales. Organizing an event is not an easy job as it not only needs a large amount of money but an army of people to promote it and make it successful. The success of the event can be judged by the number of people who come to attend it. Thus, it becomes important to pay attention to the sale of the tickets.

Every event comes with its own challenges that need to be overcome to make it a success. The good news is there are multiple tried-and-tested ways to give that extra push that your ticket sales needed. Apart from that if these tried and tested formulas work, people can easily book event tickets online for themselves or for their family and friends. Even if the event is a business networking event then also it can be promoted in the same manner.


  1. Partner up

Partnering up is one of the best solutions to increase the sale of your event tickets. Look for partners who can help you make your event a success. This can really help the organizers to create a better event experience for the people who come to attend the event. You could contact a hotel depending upon the size of the event to partner and sell the experience as a weekend getaway or you can also partner with a nearby bar for a pre-show happy hour for the attendees.

Partners can also help you sell more tickets as they are the best means to expand your reach. They can do this by providing attendees some incentive to buy.


  1. Offer discounts

Consider giving smart discounts to give people a slight nudge. You can also encourage attendees to invite friends with them to the event by offering group discounts to a large group of people. Try to give location-based discounts to people who live far away. You can also provide referral codes to attendees so that they could invite friends via social networks.  Apart from that give special deals to members of groups who are linked with the event. Also, give limited-time discounts for the times of day when you could boost the ticket sales. Keep an eye on your sales and use discounts to climb back out if you fall into a lull.


  1. Re-target interested event-goers

If someone visited your website and left without buying a ticket then that person becomes your prospective customer. When your ticketing platform shows the people who visited your site then you can work on them in order to convert them. If your conversion rate is low then retarget your visitors on the page. You can send event details to the visitors by emailing them.

You can also offer discount codes during slow sales periods or post online ads that serve as a reminder about your event. These effective ads create a sense of urgency to buy the tickets and it is also seen that an average of six times return on investment is seen on retargeting ads.


  1. Use tracking links

Tracking links will help you in recognizing marketing channels that are generating the highest sales. This will help you in spending your marketing money where they’re most effective and reallocate the funds accordingly.


  1. Manufacture scarcity

Creating scarcity can help you overcome the dull phase in your sales cycle by applying easy ways. A sense of urgency can be created with limited-time discounts and also inspire people to purchase tickets. You can also sell tickets in limited-number at increasing prices. It will keep your sales going up till you reach the day of the event. Propagate about the exclusivity of your event and let buyers know about the remaining tickets and urge them to buy the tickets.


  1. Sell at the door

Selling at the door can be a great way to bring a large number of attendees to the event. In this world of technological advancement, if your ticketing partner has developed an app, you can sell tickets quickly from any device. This lets you sell the tickets for a longer time and doubled the ticket sales.


  1. Create a stand-out event page

Create a stand-out event page with your pricing strategy in place.  Turn the attention of the people to the event page. The event page can be the first place where people learn about your event and decide whether to attend it or not.  The page created should grasp the attention of the people and thus, it should be kept both informative and should answer all of the key questions about the event. It should also be designed in such a way that it should grab the attention of the people. The specification your event page should have

  • The basic details of the event
  • A catchy header image or a video clip and photos
  • Details where people can contact you
  • A clear Call to action (e.g. "Buy Tickets")
  • It should be easy to share


  1. Create Social Media Contests

You should utilize social media if you want to promote an event. Get creative and plan a social media contest with prizes that can include free passes to the event. The whole contest is an interactive form of promotion that gets promoted through word-of-mouth publicity that spreads much faster than a tweet or Facebook post.

It is a great and simple idea that can fetch you a great number of attendees to the event. You can start a selfie photo contest and ask the participants to take a selfie and add an image of your company and event logo in the pic that would promote the event and the company as well. Provide some sort of consolation prize to all the participants, such as a discount coupon or a promotional t-shirt that would indirectly promote the event.


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