Leading Men of Film and Television Panel


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Event Address: Atlantucky Brewing, Northside Drive Southwest, Atlanta, GA, USA


The entertainment business as we know can be a very difficult business into which to break. Even for actors who are signed to top talent agencies in the world, it doesn’t guarantee work. And, though there is no handbook to show actors how to have a successful career in show business, there are key factors and steps many actors miss that can help increase their chances of success in such a competitive industry. This is where The Leading Men of Film and Television Panel can help!

This panel is comprised of five working male actors (Kevin Savage, Tray Chaney, Rico Ball, Julian Brittano, and a surprise guest), who will share insight on their journeys, give away secrets as to how they were able to go from auditioning for network television series to starring in them. And though this event is geared towards men, it’s not limited to men. Anyone can come, from the actor struggling to get an agent, to the actor who has an agent but just isn’t booking. Or, maybe it's an actor who just wants to book more, or one who was booking at one point but has lost his/her edge. Whatever the reason, there’s a place for you at this event. There will also be industry and talent management professionals and experts present to answer questions and provide insight.

On top of that, the event will be hosted by an Atlanta favorite, award-winning media executive, author, speaker and actress, Michelle Taylor Willis.


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Michelle Willis

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