Sounds of South Festival


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Event Address: Nunnankatu 4, Turku, Suomi


The Sounds of South (SOS) festival is a one day  exhilarating outdoor multicultural event designed to unite music and dance enthusiasts to enjoy an energetic ambiance created by talented DJs and artists with music from Africa and African-related beats and rhythm (Afro music, Latino music/ ‘musica Latina’ and Caribbean music). The event also houses a variety of food vendors offering food representative of the regions/countries embodied in the SOS concept (i.e., Africa, Latin America and Spain, Caribbean islands).

Turku is a vibrant city in summer and a host to a wide variety of festivals. However, none of the existing festivals in Turku specifically and Finland at large, provide what SOS is offering. SOS stands out as a unique cross-border cultural celebration, showcasing the rich tapestry of food, music and dance from over 100 countries – spanning Africa, Latin America and Spain and the Caribbean islands. What makes SOS truly unique is its dedicated focus on Afro music and Latina music genres which rank among the most popular in the world and the popularity of the former is gaining more ground.

SOS also includes family-friendly activities open to the public,

The event is in two parts:

12:00 to 17:00 --> ALL

18:00 to 00:00 --> Adults only

Lets vibe to the rythme from the south

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Sounds of South

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