Sunday Smoke Sesh House Band Auditions


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Event Address: 3124 West Florence Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043, USA

Wednesday's at Sunday Smoke Sesh in Los Angeles are the days when the collective holds its house band auditions. Sunday Smoke Sesh is a community that provides a space for independent creatives to come together and share their work, whether it be music, art, or spoken word.

The house band is an integral part of Sunday Smoke Sesh, providing live music for the performers and audience members alike. As such, the auditions are a crucial step in ensuring that the band is talented, versatile, and able to adapt to the diverse range of styles and genres that are featured at the collective's events.

To audition for the house band, musicians must come prepared to showcase their skills and demonstrate their ability to collaborate with others. The auditions are private. We are looking for musicians who not only have technical proficiency but also possess a unique style and personality that will mesh well with the rest of the band.

Musicians who are interested in auditioning for the house band should arrive early to sign up for a slot. The auditions are held on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are typically a limited number of slots available. Once signed up, musicians will be given a brief amount of time to set up their instruments and prepare before they are called to perform.

For musicians who are selected to join the house band, Wednesday's at Sunday Smoke Sesh will become a regular gig, with the band performing at the collective's events on a regular basis. This is a great opportunity for musicians who are looking to gain exposure and connect with other creatives in the Los Angeles area.

Overall, Wednesday's house band auditions at Sunday Smoke Sesh are an exciting and competitive event that draw some of the best talent in the city. Whether you're a musician looking to join the house band or an audience member looking to discover new talent, Sunday Smoke Sesh is the perfect place to be on a Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

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