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Since 2015, The Confidence Queen has been encouraging and inspiring females as they begin a personal journey of self-discovery. This passion stems from Cathy’s struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem since losing her hair to Alopecia at the age of 24. On this journey, each Queen will learn to adore and confidently expose her naturally beautiful self to the world. When she knows and accepts herself as she was created, Woman is in a stronger position to inspire and empower other women in the permanent and unbreakable bond of Sisterhood. When you read the works by The Confidence Queen, you will begin to: - unconditionally know, accept, and own who you are - find and use your unique voice to express who you are - witness your power and confidence in every reflection - unashamedly allow the world to witness your inner glow - know that you are bold and powerful as you shout to the world “I AM HERE” - pause and re-access your power without ever ceasing to own it - highlight the endless potential that lies within your soul