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Description Do you know how much POWER can be found through exploring your pain? No matter who you are we have all experienced something painful in our lives. The real question is how do you use that PAIN to activate your POWER?

The Master Builder Preston R. Harris has the blueprint to transform your life by turning PAIN to POWER!

A fusion of three stories, each power packed in its own way.

Define Your Value, a young CEO navigating business ends up running away from his dreams and into a hitchhiker for an epic adventure in the middle of Nevada.

Refine Your Value, can you strip away your impurities in order to attract the desires of your heart? Preston’s journey to fatherhood, happiness, love and leadership development.

Mr. Nice Guy, is the story that caused me the most Pain and gave me the most POWER. Mr. Nice Guy doesn’t always handle his business but he now how is being Mr. Nice Guy going to get him out of jail in Chattanooga, TN?

Each one is a story of POWER to change your perspective on success, love, and your purpose.

Author Preston Harris, has been building bodies, brands, and businesses for over 10 years that knowledge combined with his personal experiences will inspire you to achieve your highest potential.

Please allow three weeks for printing & shipping.


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